Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not EVE, EV-A!

Yes, I finally saw the latest Pixar movie and believe me, that magician's bunny was fun-ny. And oh, yes, the other movie, WALL·E, was excellent too.

Not much I can add to what has already been written about it except to note:

1. The “female” robot's name is spelled “EVE” yet the title robot pronounces it “EV-Ah.” As in Eva, the Spanish name for Eve. Coincidence or what? It would be nice to think that in the future even the robots would be Hispanic, but hey I'm probably pushing it. Still the trigger-happiness on the part of EVE does seem to tie in with the old Hispanic stereotype. And I'm quite sure I saw WALL·E carrying a knife during one part of the movie. And of course he never once showed his birth certificate or his green card when he got on board that ship...

2. Could WALL·E and EVE be the robotic equivalent of Candide and Cunégonde? That ending did seem a bit Panglossian.

3. That title robot, WALL·E, looks so much like the robot in the old Short Circuit series that I was actually surprised to find out that the movie was good. Sure, it's a Pixar movie and Pixar movies are always endowed with the essence of quality -- but this could have been the one movie that proved an exception to that rule. Gracias a Dios, it didn't.

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