Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cuento de Mi Id


Life in the suburbs! It was hell, I say. Sheer hell.

Ah, for the good old days of the Detroit slums where all one had to worry about street gangs and race riots. I much rather be stared at by the same Detroit cop who beat the hell out of my less law-abiding buddies than have to go through the sheer soul-crushing horror you have to go through in suburbia.

I much rather work for hours in a noisy, dirty assembly line than to actually have to work with my mind for some ad agency. At least, on the line, you're spared the chore of having to think all the time. In fact, the job goes a lot better if you don't.

And the conformity. Egad! Much better to live in the type of bad neighborhood where you get shot for wearing the wrong color jacket than to have to work in one of those offices where they have a dang dress code. Don't they realize how torturous it is to have to wear a neck tie?

But what do today's kids know? They have no idea what hell we had to go through in the days of endless prosperity. And thanks to the current administration, they never will.

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