Friday, August 10, 2007

Out, Out, Brief Candle Mix (In Honor of Cinemarati)

1. “And When I Die” -- Blood, Sweat and Tears. The definite going-to-die song. Even if it has to lighten things up with that circle of life angle.

2. “Apocalypso” -- The Motels. On the other hand, what's the point of passing away if you can't get in a dance or two?

3. “Cabaret” -- Cabaret Soundtrack. Perhaps the ultimate song of pre-mortem defiance. And fatalism. After all, the time from cradle to tomb isn't that long a stay.

4. “Funeral for a Friend” -- Elton John. Rock'n'roll funeral music.

5. “I May Never Get to Heaven” -- Wanda Jackson. A country song that never ceases to move me. A tune for all of us mortal types who know darn well that we'll never qualify for sainthood but cannot help considering ourselves fortunate that we found some brief happiness upon this earth.

6. “If Tomorrow Never Comes” -- Garth Brooks. Another country tune that reminds us to let the objects of our affection know quite often that they are indeed the objects of our affection just in case there comes a day when we can no longer tell them anything at all.

7. “No One Lives Forever” -- Oingo Boingo. A celebration of mortality that spits in the eye of the Grim Reaper, then dares him to dance. I just love the staircase effect created by the group's keyboards.

8. “Road to Nowhere” -- Talking Heads. Another salute to rock'n'roll nihilism. Just because life seems so obviously hopeless at times doesn't necessarily mean that it is that hopeless. At least as long as we can sing.

9. “Tomorrow, Wendy” -- Concrete Blonde. One of the first -- and most powerful -- songs to deal with AIDS and yet a song that never really mentions AIDS by name. One of the best musical defiances of death I've ever heard though not necessarily a tune for the “Don't Worry, Be Happy” crowd.

10. “The Whole of the Moon” -- The Waterboys. The writer of this tune never says specifically what happened to the character to whom he is addressing the song but I can guess. The message I get from this song: Better a brief but creative life than a long and not so creative life. However I think it goes without saying that a long and creative life would probably be best.

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