Monday, February 02, 2015

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Farrah Fawcett!

AKA Ferrah Leni "Farrah" Fawcett.

Born February 2, 1947. Died June 25, 2009.

She was one of the prettiest actresses to come out of Texas. Her first name was chosen by her oil field contractor father because "Farah" was the Arabic word for "joy". She later asked to change the spelling to its current version.

She is most noted for her role as Jill Munroe in the ABC TV series Charlie's Angels. She has also appeared in such movies as Logan's Run, Somebody Killed Her Husband, and Saturn 3. Her last movie appearance was in the 2004 comedy The Cookout.

She is also famous for her appearance in the above poster, which was one of the most popular pin-up posters of my youth. If nothing else, it proves that Ms. Fawcett was way prettier than a groundhog.

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