Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thoughts on Re-Entering the Workplace

I have forgotten how tiring it is to work in a retail store.

For that matter, I have forgotten how tiring it is to work any full-time job.

For many months, I had woken up early in the morning to take a neighbor to work and I believed that because I was waking up as early as the guy I was driving to work, that that alone constituted a big sacrifice. Now I'm working again and when I get off work -- even if I work only five hours -- I feel so beat that I can barely make it to my car. And once there, I have to rest a few minutes before I can summon up the energy to drive home.

Maybe it's my age catching up with me.

Or my health.

I don't really need to be working in a stressful job like the one I recently obtained but then it's not like I have much choice. Most of the jobs that seemed like better fits for my personality were under the control of people who did not believe me to be all that qualified for those positions. And quite frankly, I'd rather be working an imperfect job right now than be waiting forever for a perfect job.

At least, this way I still have a chance of getting out of debt. And I don't have to beg for money from my friends and relatives in order to pay my bills. And it feels so good to finally have money coming in again.

I just hope I make it through probation. I don't think I could stand to go through the whole job search process any time soon.

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