Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hey, I Remember This Show: The Jetsons

Back in the 1960s, this and The Flintstones were considered popular enough to be viewed during prime time. Then prime time cartoon shows fell out of fashion until 1989, when the popularity of The Simpsons revived interest in the genre.

Oddly enough, the main question this show seems to provoke from today's online generation is: where are all the black people? An interesting question which inevitably begs the question: why are not people similarly curious about the odd absence of Asians and Hispanics on this show as well?

Oh, well. It seems way too easy to poke fun at this show's un-PC assumptions -- especially when no one seems all that concerned about similar assumptions when they show up in more modern shows like Mad Men. At least the people who made this show weren't pretending to be especially edgy or fashionable in their view of the future -- though it is interesting to compare Hanna-Barbara's view of the future with the actual 21th century and see how much they differ.

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