Monday, December 13, 2010

The Last Great Christmas Movie?

I'm trying to think of a great Christmas movie that has been made since Love Actually was released in 2003 but not a whole lot of movies come to mind. Nothing Like the Holidays was okay but it was hardly as memorable an effort as this film was. And the less said about such dubious efforts as Elf and Deck the Halls, the better.

Besides, Love Actually is more artistically ambitious than most feel-good holiday movies and though not every subplot works as well as it should, the film itself ends on a more satisfying note than most conventional movies. Not everyone in the movie gets a particularly happy ending and some people don't even get a particularly realistic ending. But the whole thing still works despite itself and this is despite my usually being a diehard Anglophobe who delights in poking fun at imperfect British movies.

Besides, I don't really feel up to griping about Elf this week even though it's about as shameless a waste of cinematic talent as I've seen in ages. Even Zooey Deschanel couldn't save it for me and I usually love everything Ms. Deschanel does.

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