Thursday, February 05, 2009

All the TV Shows That I Have Seen

1. Burn Notice: The First Season.

An USA cable series about an ex-CIA agent who does good deeds for a fee while trying to figure out why he was blacklisted from the CIA. It sounds like The Equalizer: The Next Generation but it is much better than that. The series also stars Gabrielle Anwar as a "trigger-happy ex-girlfriend" and Bruce Campbell as a former comrade-in-arms.

2. Eureka: The First and Second Seasons.

A TV series produced by the SciFi Channel but unlike most SciFi productions, this show is actually very good. Colin Ferguson stars as a former U.S. marshal who gets drafted to become the new sheriff of a small town that specializes in government science projects. Easily the best science fiction program I've seen since Firefly though considering how few such shows I've seen since then, that's not saying much.

3. Firefly: The Complete Series.

A Joss Whedon show that really is as good as you've heard. Advertised as a Western in space but way more complicated than that. More successful on DVD than on the small screen and the obvious inspiration for Serenity.

4. Heroes: The First and Second Seasons.

A show about -- surprise, surprise -- superheroes that started off promisingly at the beginning of the first season and then went downhill. The second season almost made me give up on the whole thing in disgust.

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