Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Pensamientos Acerca de Televisión

Warehouse 13: "Pilot"

By all rights, I should have hated this series because it not only played fast and loose with historical facts, but its premise ripped off one of the most famous scenes from my beloved Raiders of the Lost Ark. And yet...

I could not help loving it.

I won't pretend that it was one of my favorite TV shows of all time but it was a lot better than I expected it to be. Maybe it was the fact that though the two main characters are government agents, there was little attempt to make them over into the next Mulder and Scully even though one is a man and the other is a woman. Or maybe it was the fact that the show's writers actually had a sense of humor. (It did not hurt that one of the co-creators -- Jane Espenson -- was a former writer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) Or maybe it was the fact that the actor who played the male agent -- Eddie McClintock -- did a good job of playing a young Bruce Campbell-like character without trying too hard to mimic Bruce Campbell. Or maybe I just found it hard to hate a TV series that managed to cast Lindsay Wagner -- the original Bionic Woman -- as a recurring character.

In any event, I am kinda sorry that I waited so long to write about this show. After all, it is off the air now and they aren't likely to be making any new episodes. Then again it did last five seasons and when I consider how many good shows did not last half that long, I can't help but consider that a good thing.

Of course, it might have been better if they had made it to a sixth season, but perhaps it is just as well that they quit while they were ahead.

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