Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pop Song of the Week: “Ten Cents a Dance”

I'll probably be posting less songs with the advent of Lent next week. Not that I consider these posts to be all that sinful but I originally started this blog to give me an opportunity to do a lot more writing than I'm actually do at the moment. And not hunting down songs to post every week should give me time to do that. I'll probably ease up on the quotes, too. We'll see.

In the meantime, I'm posting one of my favorite songs from the 1930s, 1930's “Ten Cents a Dance” from the High Hatters. It's a nifty tune in which lead singer Welcome Lewis -- no, I didn't make that name up -- manages to sum up the downside of being a taxi dancer far more succinctly than Shirley MacLaine's Charity Hope Valentine managed to do in an entire movie. I originally encountered the song on an old CD of 1930s tunes that I recently purchased and I liked it so much I tracked it down on YouTube. I hope you all like the song and don't mind the less-than-interesting visuals.

And God bless those taxi dancers!

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