Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sociological Irony of the Week

Mi novia and I made the mistake of going to a local pool hall the other night, only to discover that the place was way more expensive than the usual pool hall and had no public restrooms. Moreover, the place had no jukebox so the only available music was an odd mixture of sexually explicit and politically incorrect hip-hop being played on the PA system -- the type of music in which almost every song uses the N-word umpteen times and sings about sexual intercourse in a way that makes Berlin's classic “Sex (I'm A)” sound like an Amy Grant song. (I usually have no problems with hip-hop but this type of hip-hop I definitely had a problem with.)

Needless to say, mi novia and I didn't stay there long. (We played one game, then left.) But I did find it funny that though the songs were all by black singers, both the manager of the place and the majority of the customers were Asian-American.

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