Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Spacetime for Hitler

Heh. There is something so weird about seeing a sci-fi movie set in 2018 -- especially one that had as weird a premise as this one had.
(After all, it is not like we see movies about Nazis on the moon all the time.) Granted, Iron Sky was first released in 2012 but still when it is seen from the viewpoint of 2019, it seems even weirder than it was originally intended to be.

That said, this was one of those movies that -- surprise, surprise -- was not as good as the trailer. Granted, it was supposed to be a comedy and no doubt the rather obvious Sarah Palin jokes were meant to be quite daring back in the day. However, that part of the movie had not aged well and while the movie was not really painful to watch, much of it seemed surprisingly meh considering its premise.

Plus the makers of this movie chose to include that old movie cliché from the 1960s -- the Nazi with a heart of gold -- only this time the Nazi in question was a woman. That cliché had not aged well either though it did make for one of the more surreal moments in the movie.

And yes, as one trailer for this flick hinted, it did contain a variation of an old Harold Saxon quote. But for some reason, it did not come across as strongly in the movie as it did in the trailer.

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