Sunday, September 09, 2018

In Heaven, There Is No Corn

Easy enough to see why the 2007 movie Tortilla Heaven did not get much publicity. On one hand, it was not really a bad movie but on the other, it was not very memorable. The whole plot took place in a small New Mexican town full of eccentric characters -- though, ironically, the most eccentric of them was a transplanted English nudist (played by Olivia Hussey) -- that turned out to be the same town where a miraculous tortilla was discovered. The tortilla created a controversy that in turn attracted tourists and then next thing you know, the Devil himself showed up. No, seriously.

In light of the recent scandals involving the Catholic church, it seemed downright nostalgic to see a movie in which the local priest's worst sin was a rather childlike fascination with religious statues. But apart from that, there was not a whole lot about this movie I can recommend. On one hand, I did find it refreshing to see so many law-abiding Latino characters in one movie; on the other hand, well, I did mention that the Devil himself was played by a Latino, right?

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