Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cuento de Mi Id

“Dragon Winter”

December. The month when faces redden and fingers bleed. It is then that the were-dragons first appear, trailing vapors from their open mouths like steam flowing from a locomotive.

All month long, they have tried to suppress the change with lotions and creams, but it is no good. The scales still appear.

On the day before Christmas, one can see them running through the snow, chasing or perhaps being chased by invisible adversaries.

When they finally reach a private spot in the wilderness, they strip off their clothing and abandon their human forms like empty egg shells.

Dragons are warm-blooded creatures; any paleontologist will tell you so. They fear not the cold for they possess a far greater heat within.

Some were-dragons sink into dormancy, choosing to hibernate till spring when they will regain their normal form. Others choose to use their talents in other ways. Darker ways. Many a tale is told in many a land and many a time about the deeds of the two-legged dragons. Some say they even challenge the sun.

It is a contest they cannot win, of course, and yet each year, the summer grows shorter and the winter grows longer.

The Norsemen believed that a wolf would someday devour the sun. They were wrong.

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