Thursday, September 04, 2008

Oh, Where Oh Where Can This Movie Be?

I liked actor Zach Braff well enough in the TV show Scrubs -- at least for the first few seasons. But in 2006's The Last Kiss? No way.

On Scrubs, Braff initially came across as an otherwise likable guy. In this film he came across as an egotist. Not content with the prospect of an upcoming marriage to the mother of his future child, Braff’s character Michael sought escape from the horror of impending monogamy and fatherhood by pursuing a relationship with a young female college student -- a student whose romantic interest seemed more a wish fulfillment fantasy than part of a believable relationship.

To be fair, Michael came across as being not all that bad compared to his male friends -- most of whom had little interest in settling down and who all seemed quite eager to run away from even the slightest hint of a monogamous relationship. But even those jerks were honest with themselves in a way that Michael never was. And it is Michael's insistence on playing the role of “nice guy” -- even when he was not a nice guy -- that ultimately diminished my sympathy for his character.

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